Attack Basketball Camps: 5-7 YO Beginner

*5-7 YO Beginner sessions are ONE hour in length

5-7 YO Beginner Camp Schedule



Basketball Skills
  • Shooting, Dribbling, and Passing
  • Rebounding, offensive and defensive
  • individual defence and team defence
Physical Training for Basketball
  • Dynamic warm up and post stretching instruction
  • Footwork (ladder and agility work)
  • Strengthening using body weight (core body strengthening)
Mental Training for Basketball
  • Provide you with mental tools to be successful
  • Improve your present ability to focus and concentrate
  • Training on focus and concentration
Basketball Team Strategies
  • Understanding the game and the right way to play
  • Good shot vs. Great Shot mentality
  • Spacing, Timing, and Movement – with and without the ball