Community Program

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Beginner Intro:

This is our introductory class to basketball.  Most kids at this age will be touching a basketball for the first time.  This session’s focus is to ensure all participants are having fun while teaching kids the fundamentals of the game.  Development of basic skills will begin; passing, dribbling and shooting.  Participants will learn how to move their body parts – coaches will focus on motor skills and developing fundamental body movements.

Age Range: Will vary depending on registration numbers.  Generally, 5-7 & 8-10 year old.  We understand that some kids start basketball late, so we are always open to adding older beginner groups to the program.


Various parts of the basketball court will be introduced at this level.  Kids will slowly learn the different lines on the basketball court.  Physical development will continue with fundamental movements designed to build a solid foundation.  Fundamental skills (dribbling, passing, shooting) will be further developed.  Beginner rules will be taught; double dribble and travelling.  This group will progress and build to controlled game play.  Kids will play full court
basketball for the first time with coaches playing alongside to control the flow of the game.

Age Range: Generally, 6 and 7 year old who have completed our Beginner Intro program or have some experience playing basketball. 

Controlled game play: Game is stopped often by Coaches to help teach and learn from mistakes that are being made. We find that teaching while making mistakes at “game speed” becomes very helpful to the individuals making the mistakes. They see their mistake, can correct it and continue playing.


Kids are working on their individual skill sets.  Basketball specific movements are introduced; V-Cut square up, defensive slides, proper footwork for layups, proper hand position when shooting.  Building a solid offensive skill set is important because basketball is a very skill driven game.  Sessions are focused on ball handing, passing, layups and shooting. At this point rules of the game are known, and games can be played more freely.

Age Range: 8 and 9 year old.


Participants continue to work on their individual game while being introduced to basic team play; running lanes, spacing, player movement.  Entry level strength and conditioning begins as we try to further build that already strong foundation and base.  Coaches take more time to be precise with individual skills; Shooting form and footwork. Defensive body positioning and defensive footwork is more of a focus. Games are now full out basketball games.  Coaches will always coach the teams when they play to ensure kids are learning from their mistakes.

Age Range: 10 and 11 year old.


Strength and conditioning has now become part of our practice sessions.  At this age kids have developed into athletes and are strengthening their bodies to go along with the development of their skill set.  Team play and team concepts are introduced on both the offensive end and defensive ends of the game.  Offensively; make plays for others.
Defensively; help side defense.  How to set screens is introduced at this level; off ball and on ball.

Age Range: 12 and 13 year old.

Jr. Varsity:

Further development of team concepts and team play.  Spacing and movement in the half court and in the full court is a major part of practice sessions.  Drills have become more team oriented as athletes have built themselves an individual skill set that will allow success with team play.  Defensive movements and defensive awareness have become a major part of practice sessions.

Age Range: 14 and 15 year old.


Our Varsity group is a training ground for elite basketball players.  Individual skill development and enhancement while understanding team play and team concepts.  An opportunity to be coached by and train with university basketball players and pro basketball players.  Learn and train with the best.

Age Range: 16 and 17 year old.

Lady Junior:

The Lady Junior program is our younger girls group. Girls will focus on continuing to build on their fundamentals with an end goal of acquiring a solid basketball foundation. Coaches will focus on skill development as well as body movements and mechanics. Game play will be a controlled scrimmage in order to allow teaching as the girls play.

Age Range: Generally 8-10 years old

Lady Senior:

The Lady Senior program will begin challenging girls physically as well as mentally. Coaches will introduce team play concepts while further enhancing the individual skill set. Strength work will be incorporated into practices. Girls will now have to problem solve on the basketball court as coaches will start using game situational drills in practice. Game play is free with little restrictions as girls are expected to know all the rules.

Age Range: Generally 11-14 years old.